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Screening chat

If you are unsure whether your products would qualify as additive free, lets have a chat first. Head over to the contact us page for details.

1. Register account

Register your account to get started! 

All you need is your name and email address. 

2. Choose package

Decide which package suits you best. 

Choose based on number of products, stockists and locations. 

3. Load biz details

Share your business location, website, social media handles so our community can find you. 

4. Load products

Load up your gorgeous additive free products, photos and ingredients. 

Submit these for review.

5. Products approved

Woohoo! Your products are ready to go!


Our Additive Free Kids community will now be able to find your business and stockists.

Download your Additive Free Marketplace Info Pack
with all the stats: subscriber info, demographics, reach and more.


Why the Additive Free Marketplace?

  • Why wouldn’t you? Our visitors are your target audience. Why advertise on platforms that are not specific to your market? We have thousands of visitors to our site every week who are looking for additive free products and resources.
  • Super affordable whilst benefiting from our investment into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to actively grow our community and spread additive free awareness, saving you the time and money of doing it yourself.

Will I be tied into a contract?

Not at all! We want everyone to enjoy being on the Additive Free Marketplace, safe in the knowledge they can leave at anytime. There is no pressure from us – but hopefully you will see the benefits are worth every penny!

Can I advertise parts of my business that aren’t related to additive free products?

Maybe. If it is a product that supports the additive free lifestyle then submit when uploading products.  If there is a problem and the product isn’t a fit with the Additive Free Marketplace we will let you know. 

How can I make my ad stand out?

We have various packages to suit you – our Advanced and Enterprise allow your ad to be highlighted and prioritised. The Standard is still great – and we list the ads in a random order so you will never be stuck at the bottom of the list!

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you wish to cancel just email giving us 14 days notice. This gives us enough time to cancel any future payments from your account. We would also really appreciate your feedback, positive or negative, as we are always trying to improve the site for our customers and suppliers.