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  • 100% Fruit Sprinkles, Strawberry Chomp

    Summer Hill Pantry’s Strawberry Chomp Crunchy Fruit Sprinkles are made with 100% strawberry – nothing else. No added colours, flavours or preservatives and gluten free. The freeze drying process locks in flavour and retains nutrients. Make food fun! Add some crunch with a flavour burst! Sprinkle over your cakes and treats, pancakes, breakfast bowls and Read more...

  • Organic Sea Salt Rice Crackers – 4pk

    Our Organic Sea Salt Rice Crackers are made with wholesome organic brown rice, baked and seasoned with a sprinkle of sea salt. No artificial additives, colours or flavours. They’re also super allergen friendly; Free from wheat, gluten, nuts and eggs.

  • Organic Apple Cookies

    Our delicious apple cookies are made with ingredients you would find in your pantry. No concentrates, nasty preservatives, colours, sulphites or flavours are added; it’s all natural and organic. A great bite-size snack for babies and kids on the go.

  • Organic Apple & Raspberry Fruity Water

    Our Fruity Water is a delicious mix of 70% juicy organic apples and raspberries, crushed together and diluted with spring water (30%). A completely natural juice that’s never made from concentrates, reconstituted ingredients or any artificial nasties.